Jersey Shore schools refinance 2017 bonds

JERSEY SHORE — The Jersey Shore Area School Board gave its final approval to a resolution to refinance 2017 bonds at a lower interest rate.

“This motion is allowing them to proceed with the actual refunding of the bonds,” Ben Enders, the district’s business manager said.

At last month’s meeting, the board had given approval to PFM Financial Advisors LLC, Harrisburg, to put the paperwork together for the refinancing.

“This will be the motion that does everything for the refunding,” Enders said. “As presented at the last meeting there was an opportunity to do a refunding of our 2017 debt to garner lower interest rates to get a savings for the district. … The net savings for the district under the parameters is $100,000. That will be spread over the remaining life of the debt. This will not extend the life of the debt. This is truly a savings from lower interest rates.”

Under personnel items, the board accepted the resignations of Christopher Davis, assistant middle school football coach, and Chad Krape, network-computer technician specialist.

The board approved the appointments of the following:

• Davis as volunteer football coach

• Sharon Koch as administrative assistant to the assistant superintendent and business manager

In other action items, the board approved:

• An agreement with Inter-State Studio for yearbook photos for the 2020-21 school year.

• An educational training agreement with Mercedes Benz.

• A donation of a cart for the STEAM room at the Jersey Shore Area Elementary School by Brodart Inc.

• Donations of materials for a baseball pitching wall from Tom Anderson.

• A five-year agreement with Mansfield University, effective July 1, in reference to student teachers in the district.

• The Intermediate Unit 17 2020-21 general operations budget.

• A lease agreement between Jersey Shore borough and the district for property use in connection with activities related to middle school soccer practices.

Members of the school board present remotely were: Craig Allen, David Becker, Patrice Doebler, Harry Brungard, Angela Grant, Michelle Stemler, Nancy Petrosky, Wayne Kinley and Mary Thomas.

The next board meeting will be at 7 p.m. April 7. Administrators will post the location of the meeting on the district website.