Hughesville student makes masks during COVID-19 outbreak

HUGHESVILLE– Isabella Biddle, seventh-grade student at Hughesville Junior/Senior High School has used her sewing skills to make over 100 masks for prison systems, personal use and health care workers locally and in other states.

It all started when she wanted to make a pillow for her dad. Isabella, who goes by Izzy, started sewing when she was 7 years old when her grandmother gave her a sewing machine. She knows both how to use the machine and how to sew by hand.

Her mother and grandmother

furthered the inspiration for making face masks because they are both health care workers.

Izzy added that she saw a video of someone making the masks on YouTube with a download-able pattern to use to DIY their own.

“The first two weren’t great,” she said. But she kept on working at them and now takes orders through Rebecca Fogleman’s, mother, Facebook page.

The two, alongside Izzy’s younger brother, Wynter Fogleman, who is just 11 years old, are putting together the masks with cut outs and sewing the fabric, 100 percent cotton, together for these masks.

So far, Izzy has sent masks to locals looking for more protection, local health care workers, but has also sent masks to Ohio, New York City, to local prisons and the dialysis center.

“We just got another order for 30 for the prison system,” Rebecca Fogleman said.

These masks are available donated for free though Rebecca Fogleman did say that if people are willing and want to donate, they can via Facebook. These donations would be used for the supplies.

“It feels great really,” Izzy said. “I only did it to help others.”

“We need to come together as a community to help and serve one another,” Rebecca Fogleman added. “I am super proud as a mom — that she is so generous.”


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