Old Lycoming Township puts new truck to use

MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette John Giacomi of the Old Lycoming Township Sanitation Department sprays down playground equipment with a solution which kills bacteria and viruses in the township Wednesday.

Old Lycoming Township received a grant for $622,000 through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) that was used to buy a jet-vac truck to clean infrastructure.

With its multitude of abilities, the truck also includes a sanitation tank with a solution used to clean out bacteria and keep the municipal employees safe.

This week the township is going to start using it to clean public parks and equipment in an attempt to keep up with the current outbreak.

Though the township parks are not open to the public at this time, the truck’s disinfectant tank will help prevent any spread and hopefully reopen the parks when it is safe, township officials said.

“The solution is an antibacterial solution to clean the public parks and equipment,” Matthew Aikey, township manager, said. “Our parks are currently closed but we are exercising using that tank to spray down the equipment.”

Aikey added that he got the idea from the vendor, A&H equipment. Aikey was informed that New York City recently purchased these units to sanitize their public subways and parks.

The solution that they are using is also safe for the environment and will keep workers safe while cleaning out sewers, maintaining waterways and spraying down equipment.

The truck is a water recycling truck that will also be used to conserve and recycle contaminated water while also removing sediment from entering and polluting the impaired waterways in the township.

“The truck serves multiple purposes for the municipality,” Aikey added. “We have found yet one more way to utilize the equipment that we own in an ongoing effort to go the extra miles for our residents.”


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