ManorCare: Moving patients would be ‘irresponsible’

JERSEY SHORE — Moving patients from the skilled nursing care facility in Jersey Shore into a hotel environment would be “irresponsible,” according to Julie Beckert, assistant vice president HCR ManorCare in Toledo, Ohio.

Beckert said ManorCare officials are “extremely disappointed that a non-clinical group would push to move patients who require skilled nursing level care to a hotel. This would be irresponsible since a hotel environment with little to no clinical staff would not be able to provide 24-hour skilled care.”

This care includes proper nutrition, hydration, daily activities such as bathing and dressing, medical care needs such as medications, IVs and wound care along with engagement and therapy services, Beckert said.

“ManorCare Health Services -Jersey Shore has the clinical leadership and trained team members to care for patients requiring this level of care in our center,” she said.

Beckert said there has been extensive COVID-19 testing of patients and there have been 18 patients who have recovered from the virus inhouse.

“We have also encouraged employee testing and the employees who have tested positive have recovered and are back at work. We are meeting and exceeding required staffing levels. We will continue to test patients and employees,” she said.

Beckert said the sick patients are not being housed with those who have not tested positive.

“Patients who have tested positive have been co-horted with positive patients under our airborne isolation precautions. We do not have patients with negative COVID-19 test results co-horted with positive patients. Patients with negative tests continue to get tested each week. We are focused on updating and informing families and have not had any families ask to move their loved ones out of the center,” she said.

Further, “Our staffing levels are good and our supply chain along with Department of Health have been able to get us the supplies we need. We added universal goggles or eye shields along with our universal face mask mandate. This along with our vigilant handwashing and other protocols helps contain and reduce the spread of the virus. We are proud of all the hard work the ManorCare – Jersey shore team has done during this unprecedented time,” Beckert said.


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