Muncy Borough Council approves postponing tax deadline

MUNCY– The Muncy Borough Council approved a resolution to extend the face value period for borough real estate taxes from June 31 to Aug. 31 in conjunction with the Lycoming County commissioners.

Dennis Holt, borough manager, said that in this case penalties would not apply during the extension period.

In other business, council approved a resolution to designate Edward Feigles, council president, as the agent for the FEMA Hazard Mitigation grants, borough also authorized his signature for the sub-applicant agreement.

This approval will allow FEMA to buy out houses and tear them down. In this case, the borough would like to tear down two houses that are in the flood zone.

After the demolition, the borough will be maintaining the land by cutting grass and keeping it in shape, according to Holt.

In another matter, borough council also approved to replenish the Health Reimbursement Fund, which was made to reimburse employees when they reach their yearly health insurance deductible.

Holt also added that during teleconference meetings, they intend to keep things short and approve minutes, pay bills and attend to the necessary action items.

The next Muncy Borough Council meeting will be Thursday, June 18 unless phasing changes during the current pandemic. Information will be out on the website and Facebook page with meeting updates.


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