Officials admonish public on dumping at drop-offs

Certain users of recycling drop-off sites in municipalities and townships around Lycoming County are abusing the locations by illegally dumping and not using proper techniques.

“Please use proper recycling habits,” said Commissioner Scott Metzger during a news conference Monday to address this and other issues.

Photographs of the misuse of these sites, provided by the county Resource Management Services, were given to county officials, he said.

One of the biggest type of violations seen is the improper breaking down of the cardboard boxes and packaging materials.

Unflattened carboard is lying around some of these sites, Metzger said.

The system isn’t going to work properly if those using it don’t help to help maximize the storage space in the container, Metzger said.

Over the weekend, especially, officials discovered illegal dumping next to these bins.

There is a metal bar that is inserted into the welded portion of the bins. That is so that users have to break cardboard so more can fit into the dumpsters, he said.

It is important that any trash bags be taken away and not thrown into the recyclables collected, Metzger said.

Plastic bottles and metal cans go into one type of labeled container, he said.

“Please do not throw these recyclables together,” Metzger said.

Some recycling systems are slowly getting back after the county moved into Gov. Tom Wolf’s yellow phase on May 8 but because of the abuses, there have been delays, he said.


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