Planners discuss zoning amendment regarding hunting preserves

The Lycoming County Planning Commission discussed an amendment to a zoning ordinance allowing for hunting preserves in certain areas during its regular monthly meeting Thursday.

The county commissioners are expected to soon act on the matter, but planners spent time at the meeting revisiting the issue.

The planning commission had recommended for approval in November an amendment to a zoning ordinance allowing hunting preserves to be located within areas zoned agricultural, countryside and resource protection in the county.

Commissioners most recently voted to adopt the amendment to allow hunting only in resource protection areas.

The amendment will be advertised and go up for final approval before commissioners at their June 2 meeting.

Stacy Fry, of Muncy Township, is proposing to open a hunting preserve on land he owns near Pennsdale.

But a number of people, including more than 50 petitioners, have come out in opposition to Fry’s


Planning Commission Chairman Carl Nolan questioned restricting hunting preserves in the county to resource protection areas.

“Just because people complained doesn’t mean you can’t approve it,” he said.

Planning Commission member Michael Sherman also questioned the restriction.

“Why change it for the whole county when it’s just this area?” he said.

County Commissioner Rick Mirabito said commissioners heard from many people opposing the hunting preserves, including landowners who felt it would negatively impact property values and quality of life.

Nolan asked Mirabito for data that property values would be adversely impacted.

Planners took no action on the matter.


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