Snyder’s Nursery in Montoursville goes ‘full speed ahead’

With the next phase of the governor’s plan for reopening the state now beginning, Snyder’s Nursery at the Feed Mill, 114 S. Montour St., Montoursville, for now is keeping the business operating as it did during the shutdown, according to Cindy Snyder, co-owner of the business with her husband, Kent.

A source for animal feeds, as well as seeds and other garden supplies, Snyder’s was permitted to remain open under the governor’s declaration as an essential business.

During the time when people were socially distancing and isolating, Snyder said that her business was doing a lot of deliveries for people who suddenly decided, because they had the time, to do that project they had been putting off doing.

“Because people are staying home they’re looking at their yards and they’re like ‘wow, I should really fix up,’ “ she said.

One customer even came in and said that they had been planning to do a project they had postponed for 10 years. The man said that because of the kids’ activities and now the grandkids’ activities, they didn’t have the time, she said.

“All the activities weren’t available to watch, so they were looking at their yard, like wow, now we can do what we’ve been planning for 10 years,” Snyder said.

They have also seen an increase in homeowners doing their own renovations as well as many turning to gardening in order to get outside and grow their own food.

Snyder’s has garden seeds in bulk in addition to live vegetable plants and fruit trees that are beginning to arrive. They had been selling some plants that had been wintered over, such as perennials and trees, but Snyder said that they now have a new supply for this year, waiting to be planted when the time comes.

Snyder shared the system she had worked out for customers to purchase and pick up their supplies curbside with minimal contact, which she plans to continue for the present time.

“We had people who would call us up, like they would have to pick up their birdseed, because that’s therapeutic. That’s their enjoyment,” she said.

“They would call me and I would give them a total. They would put their check in the trunk. I would come out and put the birdseed in the trunk and take the check,” she explained. Customers could also choose whether they wanted a receipt or not so there would be minimal personal contact.

She added that they are sanitizing and wiping thing down, wearing masks and doing everything possible to keep people safe.

“We’re going to keep it this way for awhile just to make my customers feel comfortable,” she added.

Snyder and her husband are the owners and operators of the business, so they feel it benefits them also to take the extra precautions. If the workers they do have helping them would become exposed to COVID-19, they would have to quarantine everyone.

“It’s just the two of us and we don’t have another shift (of workers) to pull in or anything. We don’t have anyone else,” she said.

One tradition she intends to keep, once she feels that it is safe to do so, is Customer Appreciation Day. Originally scheduled for the end of April, Snyder hopes to be able to reschedule that event soon.

“That was like the day I said we’re full speed ahead. I just haven’t figured out when that day is going to be,” she said.

“Everything will be here, we’re not cutting back on what we’re bringing in,” she said of her inventory, adding that the official kickoff will be at a later date.

“I don’t want to skip it like we’ve skipped so many other things,” Snyder added.

People should still call Snyder’s to place an order at 570-368-3377.


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