Lycoming County commissioners act on grant application for levee

Lycoming County commissioners Thursday approved a grant application toward making improvements to the levee system.

If approved, the H2O state grant of $1.49 million will fund cross pipe construction and relief well rehabilitation.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority of the state Department of Economic and Community Development administers H2O funding targeted for construction of drinking water and sanitary and stormwater sewer projects, as well as the building and renovation of flood control systems.

In February, commissioners approved a $1 million grant for materials and labor in support of the levee.

The Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant will fund levee rehabilitation to protect Williamsport from flooding and bring the system up to certification.

Improvements include repairing of relief wells and raising the levee freeboard along the Lycoming Creek side.

The levee protects an estimated $2 billion in real estate.


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