Mayor makes schedule to fill vacant positions

COVID-19 has led to a delay in Mayor Derek Slaughter being able to fill some of his cabinet positions and full-time city jobs.

Slaughter said Wednesday that he is going to see candidates for director of the Community and Economic Development department, River Valley Transit and city finance director.

“We are actively searching to fill Stephanie Young’s position,” Slaughter said. Young is the director of the Community and Economic Development department. Young said she anticipates retiring this year.

“We’ve had interested candidates and, due to one reason or another, some candidates are not able to fulfill the residency requirement, so we will need to repost that position to expand the search to fill her position,” Slaughter said.

“We are finalizing the finance director position and we will begin starting that process on July 1,” Slaughter said. Currently, Joseph Pawlak, of the finance department, serves as interim finance director.

As for management at River Valley Transit, the city will begin to fill positions July 1, Slaughter said, adding he did not know when a general manager or other positions would be selected.

Presently, Adam Winder serves as River Valley Transit interim general manager and general manager of city streets and parks department.

Recently, Councilman Adam Yoder asked for clarity on when full-time positions would be filled.

Yoder said he was concerned the city was “losing focus on its city services” without a clear plan.

“My only questions are surrounding personnel,” Yoder said.

Yoder said he believed Winder, Christopher Cooley, city information coordinator, and some others are “stretched thin to the point where I think we are losing focus on other areas.

“I feel like we are losing stuff,” Yoder said. “We are losing focus on city services and I don’t think we can do it much longer.”

“We justified it for a while as a crisis mode operation,” Councilwoman Liz Miele said. “We’ve been in crisis mode operation for six months and at some point we need to make a plan to return to operations. That time is clearly now.”


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