Williamsport updates proclamation on public gatherings

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Derek Slaughter has been initiating a series of proclamations designed to keep people safe and protected and follow the state Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

In a most recent update of these administrative orders, City Council extended Slaughter’s order on public gatherings through June 11 to be in accordance with the office of Gov. Tom Wolf.

On May 14, council had approved moving that from 25 people down to 10 people through May 28.

In its most recently amendment to the mayor’s order, council approved the limit to public gatherings, events and conferences to what the office of Wolf required while the county remained in the yellow phase of the reopening stages.

The amendment was for the city to follow the recommendations through June 11.

On Friday, when Lycoming County enters the green phase of the state reopening due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, those recommendations are for no more than 250 individuals at any gathering, event or conference, according to the office of Wolf and Department of Health.

The green phase has the fewest restrictions in the governor’s three-phase reopening plan, however, there are restrictions and they are as followed under green: Individuals must follow CDC and state Department of Health guidelines; nursing home visitation restrictions remain; visits to persons in hospitals may resume; large recreational gatherings remain restricted; use good health habits; use good judgment, wear masks around others and continue social distancing; not a return to normal but changing behavior for a new normal; construction back with measures in place; consider accommodations for the vulnerable; tele-work where feasible; all businesses not permitted to operate physical locations in the yellow phase may move to 50 percent occupancy, subject to social distancing and all businesses operating in the yellow phase under the 50 percent limitation may increase to 75 percent capacity.


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