City residency ordinance adopted amid pandemic issues

While a city residency ordinance was adopted in early April, the change does not apply to every employee of the city.

“All non-unionized employees who become employed on or after April 20 will need to become city residents within 240 days from the first date the employee reports to work,” the law reads.

It doesn’t apply to those employees who are subject to collective bargaining units, according to the ordinance.

A question recently was posed to the Sun-Gazette regarding city Fire Chief Mark Killian and the residency ordinance.

Killian doesn’t reside in the city — but there is a loophole.

Killian is “grandfathered in as well as anyone else hired or promoted before April 20,” said Council President Randall J. Allison in response to the change.

Killian became fire chief on March 15 following a search for qualified candidates inside and outside of the city, Mayor Derek Slaughter said.

In most cases, the most qualified city applications are always given top consideration, according to the ordinance.


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