Resident calls for stronger measures to fight COVID-19

A Linden resident told the Lycoming County commissioners to take a more active role in making people safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

Bill Fenderson specifically called for commissioners to make it mandatory for people to wear masks in all business establishments as he claims is being done in other counties.

“Why can’t we take a proactive stand on this?” he asked commissioners at their Tuesday meeting. “It all starts from the top and comes down.”

Fenderson said the county is lucky so far to have had a relatively low number of people testing positive for coronavirus.

“So what do you do? Turn in people who don’t wear masks? Commissioner Tony Mussare asked.

Fenderson said although the county and many others in the state are in the green phase of Wolf’s reopening plan, it doesn’t mean things are back to normal.

John Shireman, of Jersey Shore, added that there has of late been an increase in coronavirus cases.

And, he said he’s concerned that there could be a spike in cases when colleges open up next month.

Last week, the county reversed its decision to allow people to forgo the wearing of masks in county buildings.

Shireman, noting he has been called for jury duty next month, wanted to know what precautions against COVID-19 are being taken in court operations.

Fenderson noted that the governor is calling for people to have on masks while in public.

“We need to wear a mask,” Fenderson said.


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