Alleged shooter denies plea deal

An alleged city shooter from Harrisburg denied the district attorney’s plea deal Friday, claiming he’s been treated unfairly.

Ejuan Jamal Cosby, 22, of Harrisburg, faces attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault and related offenses for allegedly firing six shots at Alrashan Jones, hitting him in the leg and foot, during a dispute in the parking lot of a convenience store on Feb. 9, 2019 at 1037 High St.

Following Cosby’s alleged identification from security cameras, the U.S. Marshals Service led a month-long manhunt.

He was found in Harrisburg on March 6, 2019 and transported back to Williamsport.

For more than a year since Ejuan Jamal Cosby, 22, of Harrisburg, was offered a plea deal, his lawyer has asked for six continuances to consider.

The specifics of the deal was not disclosed in open court.

Reading the long list of continuances offered to Cosby, Judge Marc F. Lovecchio said a decision would need to be made soon.

“That concerns me because it isn’t fair to the proposed victim, it’s not fair to the family, and it isn’t fair to the system,” said Lovecchio.

Joseph Ruby, assistant district attorney, gave Cosby a final chance to accept the deal in court Friday.

“We’ll revoke today if they don’t accept and the case will go to jury trial or he can plead guilty to all the charges,” he said.

Cosby has been locked up for 17 months and said he’s talked to others who have committed similar crimes and have received less in their plea deals.

In July 2015, 17-year-old Cosby took part in an armed robbery in the 900 block of Waltz Place, where he and three others threatened a man and woman with guns before taking valuables.

He served about three years in county prison for that crime.

After, Cosby said he was working a routine job before he “made one mistake out of fear.”

“I was a different person then,” he said. “I don’t deserve a slap on the wrist, I deserve to sit down — I deserve a punishment but the punishment I’m getting is not fair.”

Cosby additionally was displeased with his representation in First Assistant Public Defender Matthew Welickovitch and said he plans to find a private attorney.

His case is slated for the Sept. 22 pre-trial list.


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