Animal rescue center in need of funding for pastures

LINDEN — The Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue, located at 1201 Yerger Road, needs your help in fundraising for their new four mini pastures after the east and west pastures were recently lost due to a lease expiration according to Pamela Koch, president.

The rescue, which provides services for all large animals who have been abused, abandoned, neglected or even found during 9-1-1 emergencies, fires or floods, will be needing funds to create four smaller pastures on their field behind their barn.

The fencing alone will cost between $6,000 and $7,000 but in order to be of service to the animals and creating a safe environment, Koch said the land will have new grass seed, excavation done, run-in shelter sheds for the animals, new piping on the building, a walkway and more.

To get all of this completed is an estimated $32,000 and their October fundraising event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

“People usually think of the dogs or the cats, people don’t realize or talk about the large animals,” Koch said. “We need the funds for them.”

The rescue takes in animals from all of the surrounding counties, providing them with a safe place, plenty of food and water, medicine and vaccinations, places to roam around–essentially nursing them back to health to be adopted.

“We do not sell any animals,” Koch said.

The rescue, which Koch started more than 20 years ago, even looks into where the animal will be going to ensure that it is a safe environment for them.

Today, the rescue has two horses, Misty and Reba that will be with them until the beginning of September when they will be adopted out to one of the rescue’s volunteers.

The multitude of volunteers at AHHR are trained on how to properly feed, brush, give medicine (not vaccines) and provide a shelter for the animals.

“These volunteers are hard workers, they keep the barn really neat, its great,” Koch said. “We can always use volunteers.”

If you can donate your time or money, you can contact the AHHR through Facebook, their PayPal and even through the mail.

Donations will not only help fund the project of putting together the pasture but also for food, medicine, stone for the stalls, hay, and shelter.


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