Comms question back-to-school policies

With schools getting ready to start back up later this month, the state Department of Education came under fire from Lycoming County commissioners during their Tuesday meeting.

Commissioners Tony Mussare and Scott Metzger said the department has shown no leadership in guiding schools through the coronavirus pandemic.

In schools where students will report to classes just two times a week, they will miss out on the full educational experience, according to Metzger.

“There are ways to do this five times a week,” he said. “Two times a week is not the answer.”

Many parents will be working, leaving grandparents more vulnerable to coronavirus left to watching young kids at home.

They (kids) need a routine. These kids deserve better,” he said.

Mussare noted that parents who work have to figure out how to juggle their schedules.

“Consider what this means to businesses,” he said.

Mussare said he continues to be concerned about the many struggling businesses in the midst of the pandemic.

“We are on the brink,” he said. “The governor is destroying businesses.”

Commissioner Rick Mirabito said precautions with regard to COVID-19 must be taken.

He noted that the guidelines put out by Gov. Tom Wolf have seemed to work.

“We don’t have to panic,” he said.

Regarding education, Mirabito said it’s an issue of local control.


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