Former employee alleges discrimination in lawsuit

A former employee of STEP Inc. has sued the non-profit organization serving people in Lycoming and Clinton counties.

Kelly Gillis of Hughesville brought the civil action alleging she was discriminated against because of her disability and request for medical leave, according to the suit at U.S. Middle District Court.

“STEP has been sued by a former employee, who decided voluntarily to resign from STEP after not securing a promotion to which she felt entitled,” said the organization in response.

“STEP did not discriminate against this employee in any way and believes this claim is without merit,” the organization said.

“STEP intends to defend vigorously. In the meantime, STEP will continue to carry out its vision in providing broad based community services on a uniform basis without regard to one’s disability, age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or beliefs, or any other legally protected category.”


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