School board votes for flexibility in planning

The Williamsport Area School Board approved a resolution this week which will allow the district to pivot between phases of their opening plan if the county’s status should change. The board also approved a time template from the state’s department of education in conjunction with the resolution.

Superintendent Dr. Timothy S. Bowers said this approval allows the district to go in and out of the phases of the district’s plan as changes occur.

“Having these two things approved tracks our time with PDE so we’re accountable for 180 days or 900 hours and it allows us to have the authority to move very quickly if conditions change,” Bowers said.

“For example, if we got a call from the Department of Health on a Wednesday and they said you need to shut down for two weeks…you wouldn’t have to call an emergency board meeting to do that. We could actually just go ahead and close the building that next day and do our remote program,” he added.

In other business under personnel items, the board accepted the resignations of Kevin J. Dangle, Spanish teacher at the high school, Julia E. Arnold, Kindergarten teacher at Hepburn-Lycoming Primary School and Austin W. Reidy, custodian.

They approved the hirings of Katlyn M. Koppen to teach fourth grade at Lycoming Valley Intermediate School at a rate of $51,500; Rebecca E. Rodgers to teach special education at the high school at a rate of $51,500; and Jeffery L. Robinson Jr. as a part-time food service worker at a rate of $12.83 per hour.

The board approved the following high school fall sports coaches and their stipends for the 2020-21 school year:

Football — Charles D. Crews, head coach, $8,858; Kevin J. Brown. Douglas A. Thiel, varsity assistants, $4,000 each; Keith R. McCabe, junior varsity assistant, $3,747; Patrick J. Ross, junior varsity assistant, $3,600; Joshua J. Rogers, ninth grade head coach, $3,600; Jeremy J, Sennett, ninth grade assistant, $3,200 and Marshall J. Nork, ninth grade assistant, $2,720.

Boys soccer — Lee W. Kaar, head coach, $5,600; Brett L. Johnson, assistant coach, $2,240 and David R. Ferry, volunteer.

Girls soccer — J. Scott McNeill, head coach, $5,600 and Kyle J. Bidelspacher and Mackenzie R. Bowman, volunteers.

Girls tennis — John F.Dorner, head coach, $4,000 and Ruth Taddeo-Hunter, volunteer.

Golf — David R. Heller, head coach, $3,200.

Cheerleading — Stephanie L. Corter, head coach, $4,800; Michelle M. Derrick, assistant coach, $2,280 and Rodney W. Sones and Kristiana Ferraro, volunteers.

Cross Country (boys and girls) — Susan A. Smith, assistant coach, $2,400.

Volleyball — Patricia A. Jones, head coach, $4.760 and Paul H. “Butch” Eberhart, assistant coach, $2.240.

The following Middle School fall sports coaches and their stipends were approved:

Football — Patrick G. Vollman, head coach, cherry, $3,200; Tariq C. Moore, assistant coach, cherry, $2,660; Michael B. Lundy Jr., head coach, white, $3,200 and Edward L. Hare, assistant coach, white, $2,380.

Cross Country (girls and boys) — Samantha L. Bower, head coach, $2,040.

Volleyball — Gregory W. Forsburg, head coach, $2,040; Crystal L. Harker, assistant coach, $1,360 and Anna M. Wetzel, volunteer.

Softball — Chase D. Smith, head coach, $2,400; Steve L. Reed, assistant coach, $1,600; Dominique N. Thomas, assistant coach, $1,360 and Alexis M. Bower and Lexie E. Diaz, volunteers.

Cheerleading — Laura K. Halderman, head coach, $1,900.

Other appointments included: Todd L. Kendall, marching band director, $8,858; Laura C. Garside, marching band assistant director, $4,429; Jeffrey P. Smith, wind coordinator, $2,280 and Matthew A. Radspinner, strolling strings, $3,600.

The district noted that payment of stipends for all the positions listed above “may be modified or withheld in the event that the activities do not occur due to the pandemic or other conditions beyond the board’s control.”

Deborah J. Keller and Corbin C. Woodling were approved as substitute administrative support/aides at a rate of $9 per hour.

Four position changes in the district were given the okay by the board. They are: Teresa D. Snook from full-time food service worker-cook to full-time food service production manager at the middle school at a rate of $18.96 per hour; Mary L. Miles from part-time food service worker to full-time food service worker-cook at the middle school at a rate of $15.42 per hour; Jennifer A. Snyder from full-time custodian to full-time head custodian at a rate of $22.41 per hour and Jill P. Yeagle from full-time special education aide to full-time library aide at Hepburn-Lycoming Primary School.

Curriculum items approved by the board were:

• The revised 2020-21 district school calendar.

• A three-year agreement with CodeHS for the Pro Section software license for the high school’s AP computer science course at a cost of $6,300. The agreement begins with the 2020-21 school year.

• The purchase and installation of new repeaters and radio equipment at the Shrivers Ridge and Bald Eagle county tower sites at a cost of $62,387 by Keystone Communications. The cost will be funded through a School Safety and Security grant awarded in the 2018-19 school year.

• Renewal of the Frontier Communications contract for a three-year service agreement at a cost of $44,108.

• Renewal of a contract with Exacq Enterprise Licenses for Mac servers and SYNC for all other servers for the upcoming school year at a cost of $224 for 35 new licenses for a total of $7,862. This will provide 78 Exacq enterprise SYNC licenses for $90 for a total of $7,034 extending the licensing until Aug.1, 2021.

• The 2020-21 contract with the Children’s Service Center to provide district students with educational services through the Therapeutic Education Program at an estimated rate of $167 per day. They also approved a contract with the center for the Partial Hospital Program to provide students with emotional and behavioral services at a rate of $126.50 per day.

Board members present were: Lori Baer, Patrick Dixon, Jennifer Lake, Jane Penman, Star Poole, Marc Shefsky, Nancy Somers and Adam Welteroth. Absent was Barbara Reeves.

The next board meeting will be at 6 p.m. Aug. 18.


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