1,000 reusable water bottles donated to students during pandemic

KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Barry Rake, left, donates Barry Rake, donates water bottles with the drug-free message, “Be too smart to start” to Curtin Intermediate Interventionist Olivia Erb., right.

Students from Curtin and Lycoming Valley Intermediate schools have been receiving reusable water bottles to refill from their school’s water fountain’s filtration system during the COVID-19 pandemic and according to Olivia Erb, intervention specialist at Curtin Intermediate School, a total of 425 students Lycoming Valley and 390 students at Curtin were able to receive water bottles from the round of donations from various different sources.

Barry Rake, Lycoming County Too Smart To Start anti-drug program facilitator, donated 1,000 Too Smart To Start water bottles for the intermediate school district with bookmarks with anti-drug information on it for the students and parents.

“It helped achieve something for the school at the same time as educating young people and their parents about drug use,” Rake said. “They can fill up the water bottles and be able to have water during school time.”

Other donations came from a Facebook post that Erb made asking for donations of reusable water bottles for students that didn’t have any.

“I noticed a lot of kids didn’t have water bottles,” she said. “With the COVID restrictions, the water fountains aren’t running how they normally would. Students can only fill up bottles with the filtration system, they can’t drink out of the fountain.”

“A lot of the students were very happy,” Erb continued. “I am just happy to be able to help all of the students, to give them one less thing to worry about.

She added that this project was a “community effort” and that she was grateful that the community came together to provide for the local fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

“I just appreciate all of the help and support from the community,” Erb said. “I am grateful to our principal for letting me post on Facebook to gather the donations on my own. I was glad to see that everyone could come together.”


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