Judge dismisses former wrestling coach’s defamation suit

A Lycoming County judge has dismissed a civil lawsuit filed by a former high school wrestling coach at Muncy High School against the superintendent and school board president.

The suit filed by Denny L. Harer against Muncy School District erred by raising a count of defamation not just against the district but also separate allegations against Craig R. Skaluba, district superintendent, and Scott McLean, the board president, said Judge Eric R. Linhardt.

The court previously ruled the proper defendant in the action was the school district, Linhardt said.

Harer alleged Skaluba defamed him at a school board meeting and did not renew his contract in 2018, the suit said.

Alleged issues with Harer began in 2007, the district said.

They include such matters as allegedly inaccurately recording an individual’s weight during a hydration test; using expletives at referees in a match; not providing written notification to school administrators to file attendance of athletes at a tournament; confrontation with a board member at a local event; inappropriate conduct not befitting a wrestling coach; violation of board policies and procedures and non-compliance with PIAA sports medicine guidelines prohibiting the use of saunas and failure to report safe medical directives, the suit said.


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