Sheriff administrative offices temporarily to move

The administrative offices of the Lycoming County Sheriff will relocate temporarily from the courthouse to 33 W. Third St., known as Third Street Plaza, this Thursday and Friday.

The sheriff’s office administrative operations will be closed during the move and reopen at the temporary location at 33 West Third Street, Third Street Plaza, at 8:30 a.m. Monday for normal business hours for license to carry firearm issuance and all other services provided by the sheriff’s office. This temporary relocation will be in effect until further notice.

The courthouse is finishing up expansion of adult and juvenile probation offices.

“We have spent internally with my staff and maintenance and information services department two years in working on a design that is practical, security minded and functional for the public,” Lusk said.

“We enhanced the ability for the public including those disabled to access office much easier with new design.”

The office will continue to have its deputies screening the courthouse and as a presence throughout the courthouse.

“The public should see no difference in security protection, service, deputy operations once we are out,” Lusk said.

The office has remained the same since the 1970 building dedication, with exception of an additional small office space. The new design will add cells, he said.

The inmate population in 1970 was 35 compared to nearly 400 today, in between pre-release and prison population.

Deputies will work Thursday and Friday and handle emergency court orders. Telephone numbers and extensions won’t change.

The new office in the courthouse will give the staff and public better ability to be confidential and have such conversations not overheard by others.

“We’re excited about the redesign and adding more conveinece,” Lusk said.

“We will have a lobby, with a waiting area,” he said. “More privacy and visitors won’t feel like those are listening when doing busienss, license to carry, or civil matter.”

“We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary situation may cause,” Lusk said.


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