1,243 confirmed cases and 98 probable cases in Lycoming County

The state Department of Health updated data on COVID-19 cases at noon today, reporting 269,613 cases in Pennsylvania.

Lycoming County has 1,243 confirmed cases and 98 probable cases, with 33 deaths since the pandemic began. Tioga County has 506 confirmed cases, 52 probable cases and 5 deaths and Sullivan County 28 confirmed cases, 6 probable cases and 1 death.

Lycoming County saw 41 new cases since Saturday. Tioga County has 73 new cases since Saturday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines a probable case as a case in which a person “meeting clinical criteria and epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed,” according to the CDC’s website.

Lycoming County has about 113,000 residents while Tioga and Sullivan counties have about 40,000 and about 6,000 residents, respectively.

To the south of Lycoming County, Union County has 955 confirmed cases, 61 probable cases and 12 deaths. Northumberland County has 1,824 confirmed cases, 121 probable cases and 118 deaths. Montour County has 339 confirmed cases, 28 probable cases and 14 deaths.

The population of Union County is about 45,000. Northumberland County’s population is about 90,000 while Montour County’s is about 18,000.


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