Community members gather to support Joe Biden

“We want to bring civility back,” David Hitesman, of Picture Rocks, said. “This country is very much divided.”

Hitesman joined other Biden supporters Saturday on the Golden Strip in Loyalsock Township to promote Biden’s candidacy.

He also said the solution to the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be politicized and the federal government should “follow the science.”

The management of the response to COVID-19 was one of the factors that brought Cindy Brindger, Ross Hemmendinger and Chris Bastress, all of Williamsport, to the event as well.

“He’s promising to be responsible for managing the COVID-19 response,” Hemmendinger said. “I like the fact that he represents some kind of responsibility in the White House.”

“He understands what we need to be doing,” Brindger said of Biden’s pandemic plans.

“I have been a long-time Republican and I’ve been very disillusioned by the Republican Party,” she said. “We’re in a bad way right now. It’s going to take some time to recover.”

“There’s a whole lot of issues that are pretty important to us,” Brad Deacon said, mentioning preserving the Affordable Care Act and standing up for equality for women, minorities and the LGBTQ communities specifically.

Emily Confair, of Williamsport, cited equal housing and climate change as priorites. Hemmendinger noted his support for Biden’s plans for job creation and clean energy. Brindger cited restructuring — “not defunding” — police forces and infrastructure. Bastress cited the economy and “getting stimulus money out to people who aren’t working.”

But civility, unity and character were themes to which Biden’s supporters kept returning.

“I really appreciate the values and humanity of him,” Confair said.

“He’s always tried to work with both sides,” Deacon said. “He’s a uniter.”


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