Delivery driver uninjured after shots fired

The report of another delivery driver targeted by a shooter in Williamsport has drawn a warning from Mayor Derek Slaughter who vowed to go after the criminals responsible.

“Fortunately, this time, nobody was injured,” Slaughter stated. “We cannot and will not allow these types of actions to become the norm in Williamsport.

“The city of Williamsport will aggressively pursue those who choose to victimize innocent individuals who are doing nothing more than performing their jobs,” he continued. “My administration is working diligently to solve these crimes; we will find and arrest those who commit dangerous assaults.”

The shooting this weekend marks the second targeting of a delivery driver in the past month.

A Hoby’s Hoagies employee was shot in the shoulder Oct. 23 in the 600 block of First Avenue after being surrounded by multiple suspects in dark hooded sweatshirts.

City police had no additional information on the latest shooting as of press time Sunday.


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