Democrat says Trump loves the cheers

Is President Donald Trump most interested in hearing cheers and receiving adulation in these waning days of the election season?

Lycoming County Democratic Committee Chair Morgan Allyn thinks so and feels the President is making a mistake by coming to small communities such as Montoursville to get across his message to voters.

“First of all, I think he is coming to the smaller areas for two reasons. It’s a feel-good opportunity for him. He knows he’s in trouble. He’s coming into the reliable places where he knows he’ll find supporters.”

Most polls show Democratic challenger Joe Biden leading Trump, including the key swing states experts say Biden needs to win the election.

“He (Trump) wants people to love him and call out his name because that’s what he likes,” Allyn said.

But showing up to campaign in places such as Lycoming County, where he likely has locked up most of the votes, is not sound strategy for the president.

“It doesn’t earn him any extra votes,” she said. “At this point, whatever he says about Biden is irrelevant.”

Most voters by now have already made up their minds, she noted.

Biden, she said, won’t win Lycoming County, but he may well find a good share of supporters here, including Republicans who are tired of what’s been happening in the nation during the four years of the Trump Administration.

“It’s been encouraging talking to people who support change,” she said. “I think this year a lot of people need to think what is best for the country. What kind of leader will do a good job?”

Biden, she conceded, may not be the most exciting candidate.

“But we have had enough excitement the last four years,” she added.


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