President’s supporters gather ahead of visit to Montoursville

Sheldon Crawley, of Jersey Shore, said he was along Loyalsock Avenue in Montoursville Saturday before President Donald Trump’s visit to “support the greatest president in United States history.”

“I like that he is up for protecting our borders, standing up to crime and supporting our police,” Crawley said. Trump will “make America even better than what it is today,” he added.

“I’m a Republican,” Jason Burke, of Montoursville, said. “I believe in what he stands for. I believe in America. We’re just out here showing our support for the country and for our president.”

“We’ve been working since June to help him get reelected,” Maria Pulizzi, of Williamsport, said. “He’s the most pro-life president ever. He’s made good on all of his promises.”

Pulizzi and grassroots organizer Jeff Stroehmann cited building the wall, lowering taxes, bringing troops home, defending the Second Amendment and Christian values and promoting energy independence and opportunity zones as reasons they support Trump.

“America first,” Stroehmann said. “That’s the big one in everyone’s mind.”

“I’ve been trying to support him and believe in everything he’s doing,” Amanda Rennicks, of Trout Run, said.

Rennicks noted Trump’s positions on the Second Amendment and energy as two specific reasons she supports his reelection.

“My husband, he worked for the oil company,” she said.

“So many people are excited about this rally,” Stroehmann said.

Burke was helping guests to the rally find parking in a lot near Loyalsock and Jordan avenues. He said he and his fellow volunteers were making sure veterans and the disabled would be parked closest to the rally’s entrance.

Pulizzi held up a copy of the banner the grassroots campaign presented to the president’s son, Eric Trump, during a Cogan Station campaign event several weeks ago. She said she has a wide variety of campaign signs on display at her home.

“I’ve got my pro-life signs in my windows,” she said. “My daughter tells me I’m over the top.”


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