Board mulls over EIFS replacement project

At the beginning of its meeting Monday, Muncy School Board also heard from Lobar and Associates about an exterior refresh project for the high school’s exterior.

The project is still in its infant stages, but the board is beginning to plan its direction among options provided from Lobar and Associates.

According to Skaluba, the end-goal is to secure the building to prevent moisture from entering it from the outside.

“The old EIFS [Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems] is at end of life, and if you don’t do something about it now, you could have issues later,” Skaluba said.

That involves removing the existing caulk, a material that seals joints, as well as washing and repainting the dryvit, a coating that protects the building. Finally, crews will also chip out where the mortar is cracking and fully replace it as well.

The last time the high school’s EIFS was redone was back in the 1980s, according to Jerry Knier, the district’s building and grounds supervisor. EIFS systems typically last 20 years.

“It’s held up really well for us, but it’s time for this to be addressed,” Skaluba said.

The “base” option for the EIFS replacement project will total in at around $220,000, according to Jeremiah Pease-Myers, a project engineer with Lobar and Associates.

Each subsequent option will add more costs depending on the direction the board wants to move in.

One option includes a limestone finish with engraved image or text. With the EIFS refresh behind the building’s shutters, this option would cost an additional $141,000, while without the EIFS refresh this option would cost around $91,000.

Another option the board did not dismiss was implementing “faux windows,” where the EIFS will be removed and windows will be installed in its place. The windows would be darkened where not usable due to the interior layout of the high school.

The full window option would cost the district around $864,000, while a partial window option would cost the district around $475,000. Both options would require a hazmat survey because of the potential presence of asbestos.

The board did not make any final decisions at the meeting, and requested more information regarding costs to help inform future conversations.


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