County comms worried over lack of vaccines

Lycoming County commissioners reported at Tuesday’s meeting that different local organizations are on board to help vaccinate more people.

The problem — for now — is securing enough vaccines to roll out a plan.

Commissioner Scott Metzger lamented the problems at the state level for developing an effective approach.

“We can’t wait a year for vaccines,” he said. “Pennsylvania seems to be behind the eight ball on this.”

Commissioners last week announced the possible formation of a task force to secure more vaccination sites.

Toward that end, they held a teleconference that included elected officials as well as those from school districts and health care organizations.

Metzger noted that there are just 140,000 vaccines being made available per week across the state.

He pointed to states such as Florida, which he said seem to be doing a good job of having people vaccinated.

Commissioner Rick Mirabito said many people simply should not be misled into thinking many vaccines will very soon be made available.

“The public is under the impression that they will get a vaccine tomorrow,” he said.

In the meantime, he said, people should continue to take the needed precautions to remain safe from coronavirus through social distancing, hand washing and wearing of masks.

“I believe many people won’t get a vaccine until June or July,” he said. “There are just not enough.”

Mirabito said he expects officials to meet again to discuss a vaccination plan.


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