Old Lycoming passes ordinance differing zoning fees

The Old Lycoming Township Supervisors unanimously introduced a new ordinance to the township which would set zoning fees at a variety of rates.

Previously, the township had more of a “fixed scale,” according to Matt Aikey, the Old Lycoming Township manager.

“Now, it’s more of a sliding scale based on the job,” Aikey said.

For accessory use, such as a detached garage, outdoor shed, pavilion, swimming pool or barn, permits for structures less than 1000 square feet cost $50, while structures greater than 1000 square feet cost 75$.

Zoning permits for single family residential homes, including modular or manufactured homes, conventional and seasonal homes, and duplexes, cost $100.

Meanwhile, single family residential additions of less than 2000 square feet, meaning unenclosed decks or porches, deck and porch enclosures, kennels, stables or additions of less than 2000 square feet to commercial, institutional or industrial buildings will cost $90.

Minor land development zoning permits cost $200. This permit covers commercial, institutional or industrial structures or buildings less than 2000 square feet of floor area. Alternatively, it can include additions to existing buildings that are more than 2000 square feet but less than 6000 square feet.

Finally, minor land development zoning permits can include oil and gas development sites and staging facilities.

General site plan required zoning permits, which covers commercial, institutional or industrial buildings greater than 2000 square feet, cost $500. The general site plan also covers nonresidential construction otherwise not exempt from plans.

Finally, the general site plan required zoning permits cover cluster development, multi-family townhouse, condominium, a mobile home park, commercial apartment and retirement housing.

The township’s storm water management plan review zoning permit will cost $60 in addition to any engineering review fees.

The flood plain review will cost $50 and a permit fee, while the flood plain review and site plan together cost $110 and a permit fee.

Sign permits and sign structures now cost $75, with $40 added for each additional sign.

Home occupation permits and no-impact home-based business permits each cost $100, while a certificate of occupancy costs $75.

A certificate of compliance for a single family dwelling costs $50, while one for a commercial building is $100. A certified statement of district classification costs $25, while a certified statement of zoning compliance costs $75.

A change of use permit costs $75, and a certificate of non-conformance costs $75.

Other than passing the zoning ordinance resolution, the supervisors finalized a decision to refinance a $712,000 loan the municipality previously withdrew, which the township has paid down to $684,000, to have a lower interest rate. Previously, the loan accrued 4.1 percent interest over a 20-year period. Now, the loan is refinanced at a 2.4 fixed rate with C&N Bank.

For the past several years, the township has waived a 5 percent employee retirement contribution during its January meeting. However, to save the township money, the supervisors unanimously voted to allow the contribution to hold.

Of the township’s 28 employees, only 20 were previously paying that 5 percent fund. According to Aikey, shifting the 5 percent contribution back to township employees will now save the township $50,000 over the year.

In other news, the supervisors approved seeking an audit of their 2020 fiscal year with Larson Kellett and Associates. The annual audit will cost the township $13,500.

The supervisors approved an addendum to the Old Lycoming Township Police Department Rules and Regulations that allow for additional points to be allocated to their written test and agility test scores for prior service.

An applicant may receive five additional points to their score for having interned with the department, and may receive an additional five for being a veteran of the United States military.

The supervisors also approved an initiative to recognize the Old Lycoming Township Volunteer Fire Company as the primary fire, rescue and emergency medical services in the township.

Additionally, the township assigned Joella Harvey to the Recreation Commission, capping the committee at seven people.

The supervisors regretfully accepted the resignation of Paul McBride from the Planning Commission. Township Supervisor Linda Mazzullo wrote McBride a letter on behalf of the supervisors, expressing they were sorry to see him go and appreciated his service.


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