Digging up the city: Resurfacing and accessibility curb upgrades ahead

The Williamsport street resurfacing season is a month and a half away, city and state Department of Transportation (PennDOT) officials said.

Several jobs consisting of milling up the street surface and applying a coat of asphalt to smooth the surface are scheduled by the city and PennDOT, said Maggie Baker, a PennDOT spokeswoman and Jon Sander, city engineer.

These various projects will typically begin after April 1, as the weather begins to cooperate and the local asphalt plants reopen for the season, said Dave Columbine, city public works inspector.

Among the PennDOT projects listed include West Fourth Street from Seventh Avenue to Campbell Street, Baker said.

Other state projects will be: Campbell Street between Fourth and Third Streets, Third Street from Campbell Street to State Street, Market Street from Third Street to the bridge, Hepburn Street from Via Bella to Third Street and Ridge Avenue from West Fourth Street to Fox Hollow Road, she said.

Along with milling and resurfacing, Baker said, the jobs include upgrading curb ramps to meet current criteria as established by the Americans with Disabilities law, Baker said.

As is typical, the work will involve detours, flaggers directing traffic and some patience and caution on the part of

motorists, officials said.

“Drivers through town need to be aware and cognizant of these construction activities that can be distracting, sometimes frustrating, and add time to their trips,” Sander said.

On any city-owned streets, with lower traffic volumes, the city is not required to do “full blown detours,” Sander said.

“It is possible on some of the streets we have that are higher average daily traffic volume, a detour may be required,” he said.

The city has a paving list, with bids arriving for the projects next week, Sander said.

City street resurfacing to be done includes:

• Prospect Avenue from Newberry Street to Fairview Terrace.

• Grand Street from Prospect Avenue to Clark Street.

• Poplar Street from West Fourth Street to Newberry Street.

• Hancock Street from Catherine Street to Almond Street.

• Grove Street from Washington Boulevard to Sheridan Street.

• Maynard Alley from Maynard Street to Campbell Street.

• School Alley from Maynard Street to Campbell Street

• Cummings Street from Poplar Street to Diamond Street.

• Seneca Avenue from Federal Avenue to Baker Street.

• Chatham Street from Third Street to the dead end.

• Church Street from Basin Street to Chatham Street.

• Memorial Avenue from Beeber Street to Berger Street.

• Baldwin Street from North Drive to Grampian Boulevard.

• Lincoln Avenue from Packer Street to Franklin Street.

• Lincoln Avenue from Franklin Street to Almond Street north side.

• Florence Street from Shable Place to Grampian Boulevard.

• Second Street from Hepburn Street to Center Street.

• Grier Street from High Street to Louisa Street.

• Vernon Avenue from Market Street to Campbell Street.

• Susquehanna Street to Vine Avenue.

• DuBois Street from Pine Street to the intersection.

• Franklin Street from Grampian Boulevard to Upland Road, half width.

• Lundy Drive from Franklin Street to a dead end – half width.

• Upland Road on the east and west portions.

• Selkirk Road to the Cliffside Drive intersection.

• Cliffside Drive east from Selkirk Road intersection.

• East Street from East Jefferson Street to Canal Street.

• Edwin Street from Franklin Street to Spring Garden Street.


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