Suspect in Interstate 80 homicide denied bail

Tracy Rollins, 28, of Texas, who allegedly shot model Rebecca Landrith several times in the face, chest and hands before leaving the body along I-80 in Union County, steps out plane at the Williamsport Regional Airport after being escorted from Connecticut by Pennsylvania State Police and other law enforcement officials on Tuesday. KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette

A Texas man connected to the alleged murder of an actress traveling back from the Midwest has been denied bail by a Union County District Judge during his preliminary arraignment Tuesday afternoon.

Tracy Rollins, 28, of Dallas, Texas, allegedly shot Rebecca Landrith, 47, of Connecticut multiple times in the head, chest and right hand before dumping her off Interstate 80 between Milton and Allenwood, according to Tyler Watson, a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper from Troop F in Milton.

State Police found Landrith wrapped in a leather jacket with notes and receipts mentioning Rollins’ name, cellphone number and email address.

Other receipts tied Landrith to a restaurant in Howe, Indiana, in addition to connecting her to a truck stop in Franksville, Wisconsin.

Video surveillance from both locations allegedly show Rollins and Landrith traveling together. However, during interviews with the Connecticut State Police after his apprehension on Feb. 10 in Milldale, Connecticut, Rollins denied knowing or recognizing Landrith.

However, Rollins allegedly acknowledged traveling with a female named Leslie, who he met near Milford, Connecticut. Rollins allegedly admitted he traveled from Connecticut to Maine, then back to Connecticut and into Brooklyn, New York, before going west to Wisconsin.

Milford, Connecticut police corroborated that Landrith allegedly secured a hotel reservation in December 2020 under the name “Leslie Myers.”

“I hate to start lying to you cause this is a murder investigation,” Rollins allegedly told police — despite the police allegedly having never mentioned anything about a murder investigation.

When searching Rollins’ truck, Connecticut State Police allegedly found evidence of Landrith’s remains beneath the exterior top stair grate and on the bottom bunk mattress behind the passenger seat.

Additionally, police observed several bullet strikes into the rear wall of the interior cabin behind the passenger seat and directly above the bottom bunk.


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