Williamsport Area School Board begins budget work

The Williamsport Area School District’s finance committee has begun work on the budget for the 2021-22 school year, Dr. Timothy S. Bowers told the school board Tuesday night.

“We’ve started our work on the budget,” Bowers said.

“We also talked about projects through the summer and we talked a little about the feasibility study and where we’re headed with that process,” he added.

Bowers also expressed his appreciation for community cooperation when the high school and middle schools needed to close as the number of cases of COVID-19 began to increase.

“I think the community understands that we did that as a proactive measure because our case counts for COVID-19 were increasing,” Bowers said.

“We were at the point that we were getting concerned. A few more cases would have caused a mandatory shutdown for us,” he said.

The district had already been scheduled for a professional day on Friday and with the weekend the cleaning staff was able to do what Bowers said was a “super cleaning” so that the district could reset their numbers.

In other business under personnel, the board accepted the resignations of: Julie R. Welliver, Kindergarten teacher at Jackson Primary; Judith E. Horn, part-time special education aide at the middle school; and Taylor R. Shipman, part-time food service worker at Cochran Primary.

The board approved hiring the following personnel and their rate of pay:

• Erica M. Hardy, part-time administrative assistant at $13.61 per hour.

• Quinese M. Brockington and Kiana N. Walker, part-time aides at $13.73 per hour.

• Krisiti A. Heller, part-time special education aide at $14.97 per hour.

• George H. Plowman Jr. after school tutor and credit recovery for high school students, at $31.20 per hour.

• Lenae C. Schappell, after school tutor and credit recovery for middle school students, at $31.20 per hour.

• Lukas J. Seyler and Jacqueline M Strosser, substitute food service workers, at $9.00 per hour.

The following spring sports coaches and their stipends were approved by the board in a 6-3 vote. Voting yes were: Lori Baer, Pat Dixon, Jennifer Lake, Jane Penman, Star Poole and Marc Shefsky. Voting no were: Barbara Reeves, Nancy Story Somers and Adam Welteroth.

Voting on this portion of the agenda had been removed from the omnibus approval and voted on separately at the request of Welteroth.

Williamsport Area High School — Baseball: Kyle S. Schneider, head coach, $5,320; Tariq C. Moore and Gregorey P. Robertson, varsity assistants, $2,800 each; Patrick G. Vollman, varsity assistant, $2,380; Joel A. Worthington and Jeremy E. Reidy, volunteers.

Softball: Chase D. Smith, head coach, $5,600; Steve L. Reed, varsity assistant, $2,800; Alexis M. Bower and Dominique N. Thomas, varsity assistants, both at $2,380; and Lexi E. Diaz and Drew E. Dickey, volunteers.

Boys tennis: John F. Dorner, head coach, $4,000; Karen L. Hooker, assistant, $1,600; and Ruth N. Taddeo-Hunter, volunteer.

Boys track and field: Jeremy S. Steppe, head coach, $6,400; Devin K. Miller, assistant, $2,720; and Justin D. Hoffman, volunteer.

Girls track and field: Vicki L. Eberhart, head coach, $6,400; Dana L. Smith and Marguerite W. Anderson-Royal, assistants, $3,200 each; and Melanie C. Schramm, B/G track assistant, $3,200.

Williamsport Area Middle School — Girls soccer: J. Scott McNeil, head coach, $2,400; Boys soccer: Lee W. Kaar, volunteer.

Boys track and field: Randall G. Laird, lead assistant, $2,400; and William L. Cuebas Jr. and Ronald E. Sahm, assistants, $2,000 each.

Girls track and field: Matthew D. Palmatier, lead assistant, $2,400; Mara E. Lair, assistant, $1,600; and Kelly M. Titus, assistant, $2,000.

The district noted that payments of stipends for the above positions may be modified or withheld in the event that the activities for which stipends are being paid are curtailed or do not occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other conditions beyond the district’s control.

The board approved proposals from Weatherproofing Technologies (WTI), subsidiary of Tremco Inc., Ohio, to restore about 22,000 square feet of the T-wing roof and horticulture classroom roof areas at the high school at a cost of $304,973 and to also do additional work at the high school of alternate no. 1, roof replacement of the maintenance garage roof at a cost of $74,900 and alternate #2, the roof replacement of the Unit H East Shop Canopy roof at a cost of $29,800. Funds for all projects will come from bond proceeds.

Other items approved by the board were:

• A proposal from Musco Sports Lighting, LLC, IA, to provide a light-structure system retrofit with total light control for the Balls Mills soccer stadium at a cost of $369,218. Funds will come from Balls Mills Site Improvement.

• A proposal from Field Turf, West Chester, for the replacement of the Balls Mills synthetic soccer field with a base proposal amount of $499,216 and include Alternate #1, performance and payment bonds in the amount of $6,738; alternate #2, infill reuse with a deduction in the amount of $27,930 and alternate #3 add four inches of stone on both sidelines with clean stone in the amount of $75,000. Total amount of $503,024 will be paid through funds from the Balls Mills Site Improvement Fund.

• The purchase of USB-C adapters from GovConnection Inc. for $12,582. The adapters will be used with new teacher laptops. These will be funded using ESSERS grant funds.

• An affiliation agreement with Messiah College to place a guidance counseling intern for the Spring 2021 semester.

• The high school to hold the annual Top Hat Dinner to recognize the top 5 percent of the graduating class and guests to be held at the Genetti Hotel in May. The event will adhere to all PA Department of Health and State guidelines. Costs will be paid through the district’s education foundation and district accounts.

The next board meeting will be at 6 p.m. March 2.


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