None injured in Renovo active shooter ordeal

RENOVO — A cold, windy morning turned into a fear-filled hour for many residents of Renovo Tuesday as news and eventually emergency broadcast alerts of an active shooter broke around 8 a.m.

Less than an hour later, after the unidentified man had fired about 10 shots, forcing residents inside their homes and the lockdown of local schools, police had taken the unidentified man into custody.

The suspected shooter allegedly was walking throughout the borough firing a gun. No one was injured and the investigation is ongoing, police said.

One resident in the 900 block of Ontario Avenue said she was aware of at least nine shots occurring in the vicinity of the Clinton County Housing Authority apartments.

At 8:23 a.m. the emergency alert was issued by state police over residents’ phones, televisions and radios, alerting “all residents of the Borough of Renovo and surrounding municipalities to shelter indoors and not attempt to leave your home. An active shooter has been reported in your area. More information will be shared as the incident continues.”

At 8:46 a.m. an emergency alert sounded, telling residents “the active shooter suspect has been detained by law enforcement. The shelter in place has been lifted.”

Police took the unidentified suspect into custody and transported him to the Renovo Police Station. Once there, the suspect asked for medical assistance and he was taken to Lock Haven Hospital.

Before the spree ended, police said the shooter had shot a kitchen window and several car windows.


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