County approves loan for golf cart purchase

Golf Course

Lycoming County Commissioners voted 3-0 to approve the loan agreement for the purchase of golf carts for the White Deer Golf Complex.

The fleet of carts, to replace aging and worn-out carts, will cost $41,525, a savings of more than $60,000 from the original cost.

The county loan is to be paid by the golf course at 2 percent interest over the next eight years, according to Commissioner Rick Mirabito.

The carts are expected to arrive later this month.

Commissioner Tony Mussare said the golf course is no longer a financial burden for the county.

“It was a total loss,” he said.

Mirabito said the golf course can really now be considered an asset for the area.

Jason Yorks, director of Lycoming County Resource Management Services, reported to commissioners that many people continue to put wrong items into recycling bins.

“The abuse is unreal,” he said.

Cat litter and other disgusting types of debris or materials are placed in the bins, he noted.

Yorks noted that people should not force plastics too big for the holes of the plastics bins.

“Maybe we need to do education on what we can and can’t recycle,” Mirabito said.

York said such efforts have been made.

Commissioner Scott Metzger said he has received phone calls about recycling issues.

“A few ruin it for the majority,” he said.

Commissioners approved a request for proposal of $298,918 from Daley Tower Service, Inc. for steel material for two radio towers.

The 250-foot towers are to be located in the Hughesville and Hesker Hill areas of the county.

In personnel matters, commissioners approved the following personnel to fill vacancies:

• Mark L. Haas, subdivision and land development administrator, Planning & Community Development, $38,933 per year.

• Kaitlin N. Lunger, crew foreman, Pre-Release Center, $18.26 per hour.

• Timothy P. Leibensperger, resident supervisor, Pre-Release Center, $16.76 per hour.

• Corrina Schaefer, clerk, District Attorney’s office, $14.09 per hour.

Commissioners approved the reclassifications of Joseph W. Hope, part-time director of central processing, District Attorney’s office, $23 per hour, and Timothy B. Nelson, part-time assistant director of central processing, District Attorney’s office, $21 per hour.

Commissioners approved a grant and monitoring agreement with Central Pennsylvania Gold Star Family Monument for the Gold Star Families Project at Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park.

A professional services agreement with Suzanne Mannes was approved on an as-needed basis for the public defender’s office at a cost of $20,000.

Commissioners approved the following requests for the landfill:

• Purchase of tarps and chains for waste covering from Southwestern Sales Co., $13,431.

• Purchase of a Ford F-550 Truck, $124,333.

• Truck repair needs, $27,088.


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