Elimsport teen promotes knowledge about dairy and agriculture

Though this year did not go as planned for county and state Dairy Princesses with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Katelyn Taylor, a 17-year-old from Elimsport, has made it her mission to continue to educate the public about dairy farming and agriculture.

“Overall I feel like this year has been difficult, learning a new way to go about our promotions,” she said. “But it taught us how to expand and promote in other ways to help spread our message.”

During her year as Dairy Princess representing Lycoming County, she has gone to various nursing homes, day cares and schools as well as local restaurants and ice cream shops to educate locals about dairy and agriculture.

One misconception that she has been focusing on is the idea of whole milk being unhealthy for consumption.

She added that many think that whole milk is full of fat when it isn’t.

“It only has 3.25 percent fat,” she said. “It is important to know. Milk helps with brain development and bone health.”

Her mother, Laura Taylor, also added that she has also worked with local restaurants to give out coupons to not only help support the business but also help have locals return to support the restaurant.

Coming up for Katelyn, is the Spring Fest in which she will be present along other agriculture industry workers to promote and educate festival-goers on dairy.

“It is important to continue pushing forward,” Katelyn said. “This experience helped push us forward to broaden our horizons.”

“She makes us very proud,” Laura added. “She has always been the child to follow through…so driven and motivated. “She is an excellent public speaker and very professional.”

Prior to being crowned the Dairy Princess in May of last year, she also participated as a Dairy Maid and a Dairy Miss. Anyone who has their own animal or interest or ties with something to do with dairy, those who aren’t married or have children between the ages of 16 and 24 can be apart of the Dairy program.

In the early months of her year-long Dairy Princess journey, she did promotions at the fair, for Ice Cream Month and even did some public speaking.

She also participated in Agriculture Literacy Month by recording herself reading the agricultural book chosen and shared it with local schools as well as creating her own recipe book, “Gert’s Goodies” and sold it to not only benefit a wounded farmer but also ended up fundraising for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Each year, Dairy Princesses from around the state gather for a pageant in September according to Laura. At the pageant, Katelyn was placed in the Top 7 in the state as well as was recognized for dairy knowledge and her scrapbook.

“She got exceptional honors on top of being recognized as the Top 7 for all of the participating counties,” Laura said.

Laura added that this is only the second time someone from Lycoming County placed in the Top 7.

Katelyn’s goal is to be recognized next September for being one of the top promoters from the 2020-21 Dairy Princess reign.


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