Clinton County lags behind on vaccinations

Philly stats not reported by state Department of Health

COVID vaccinations have been rolling out over the last couple months and clinics have begun vaccinating adolescents as young as 12 years of age. The entire state of Pennsylvania is sitting at 42% of its population fully vaccinated. However, Clinton County remains stagnant as one of the lowest fully vaccinated counties in the state — all while there are more vaccinations out compared to total people receiving them.

From statistics presented from both The New York Times COVID tracker and Pennsylvania’s Department of Health website, Clinton County sits at 10,867 fully vaccinated people, accounting for approximately 28% of the county’s population. This leaves it as the lowest total vaccinated in Central Pennsylvania.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 37,942 people in Lycoming County — or 33.5% — have been vaccinated, while 10,917 people in Tioga County — or 26.9% — have been vaccinated.

Readers may notice vaccination data reported by the state Department of Health differs from that delivered by the CDC.

On May 21, the CDC reported the number of fully vaccinated Pennsylvanians totaled 5,234,840 people — or 49.9 percent of the state’s population. Meanwhile, the state reported 4,399,578 Pennsylvanians — or 33.58 percent.

The CDC data includes all vaccinations delivered to Pennsylvania residents, according to Department of Health Deputy Press Secretary Maggie Barton.

“Therefore, it marries the Department of Health data, the Philadelphia County of Public Health data and any Pennsylvanian that received vaccine out of state,” Barton said.

On the flipside, the state Department of Health only reports on data within its own vaccine jurisdiction. Also, it reports vaccinations from any of its 66 counties in the state and any other resident looking for the vaccine.

From the same statistics taken from the aforementioned sites, Forest County stands as the highest total vaccinated county in all of Pennsylvania. The county has so far had an approximate total of 3,898 people vaccinated which is 55% of its population. The opposite can be said about Potter County, which sits as the lowest total vaccinated in the entire state as well as the lowest surrounding county to Clinton. A total of 3,062 people have been fully vaccinated within the county, accounting for about 19% of the population.


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