Final vote count shows write-in nominations

Write-in votes secured nominations for people who did not appear on ballots in the primary election, according to figures from Lycoming County Voters Services.

Voters services personnel recently completed the official vote count as required by the state election code.

All votes remained unofficial until that process was completed.

Jeff Stroehmann captured nominations on both the Democrat and Repubican tickets for Woodward Township supervisor. James R. Carpenter, the only candidate on the ballot, fell five votes short of securing the Republican nomination.

In Clinton Township, Donald R. Wagner grabbed both party nominations for supervisor. Todd Winder was the sole candidate on the ballot.

Those securing write-in nominations on either the Democratic or Republican ticket for school board seats, borough council or township supervisor seats are as follows:

Loyalsock Township School Board

Hal Gee Jr., four-year seat, Republican, 63 votes

Marissa F. Moore, two-year seat, Republican, 28 votes

Muncy School Board

David L. Messenger, Democrat, 23 votes

David L. Messenger, Republican, 95 votes

Krista J. McMonigle, Republican, 12 votes

Armstrong Township Supervisor

Susan A. Hawkins, Republican, 73 votes

Cascade Township Supervisor

Joseph M. Colucci, Democrat, 10 votes

Joseph M. Colucci, Republican, 17 votes

Clinton Township Supervisor

Donald R. Wagner, Democrat, 34 votes

Donald R. Wagner, Republican, 165 votes

Duboistown Mayor

Richard Knecht, Democrat, 15 votes

(Knecht won popular vote on Republican ticket.)

Duboistown Borough Council

Norman J. Cowden, Democrat, 11 votes

Daniel J. Phillips, Democrat, 10 votes

(Cowden and Phillips won popular vote on Republican ticket.)

Hepburn Township Supervisor

Brian D. Quigel, six-year seat, Republican, 46 votes

Heath R. Heller, two-year seat, Republican, 79 votes

Hughesville Mayor

Alex C. Culver, Democrat, 13 votes

Richard F. Smith, Democrat, 13 votes

Richard F. Smith, Republican, 55 votes

Hughesville Borough Council

Andrew Mook, Republican, 35 votes

Jersey Shore Mayor

Abbey R. Welker, Republican, 18 votes

Jersey Shore Borough Council

Denise Robbins, Republican, 53 votes

Lewis Township Supervisor

Steven L. Sechrist, six-year seat, Republican, 54 votes

McNett Township Supervisor

Timothy A. Croys, six-year seat, Republican, 19 votes

Ian J. Roberts, four-year seat, Republican, 19 votes

Montgomery Borough Council

Margaret Anne Mathis, Democrat, 19 votes

Margaret Anne Mathis, Republican, 55 votes

Montoursville Borough Council

Kaleb Daniels, two-year seat, Republican, 21 votes

Muncy Borough Council

William M. Scott, Democrat, 17 votes

Richard E. Umpstead Jr., Democrat, 10 votes

(Scott won popular vote on Republican ticket.)

Muncy Creek Township Supevisor

Gary E. Phillips, six-year, Democrat, 32 votes

(Phillips won popular vote on Republican ticket.)

Pine Township Supervisor

Robin B. Raudenbush, six-year seat, Republican, 18 votes

Plunketts Creek Township Supervisor

Jason F. Lewis, Republican, 84 votes

South Williamsport Mayor

Marlin Angelo, Democrat, 11 votes

(Angelo was only candidate on Republican ticket.)

South Williamsport Borough Council

Casey S. Lowmiller, Democrat, 17 votes

(Lowmiller won popular vote on Republican ticket.)

Woodward Township Supervisor

Jeffrey J. Stroehmann, six-year seat, Democrat, 21 votes

Jeffrey J. Stroehmann, six-year seat, Republican, 170 votes


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