Chipotle planned for Golden Strip

Chipotle may be coming to Loyalsock Township.

At the Loyalsock Township Supervisors meeting Tuesday night, the Zoning and Building Report stated that a plan for a Chipotle restuarant was submitted to the Planning Commission. The lot at 1955 East Third St. is next to the MedExpress and was once the location for the former King House Buffet Chinese restaurant.

The proposed Chipotle will have a

drive-thru and outdoor seating, according to the report.

The Planning Commission meeting at 5 p.m. tonight will discuss this proposal.

Also on the agenda for the supervisors were gatekeeping and clean-ups.

Parks and Recreation Director Shannon Lukowsky raised a concern that has been plaguing her office for years: people abusing the gate at James Short Park.

Parks employees have to unlock the public restrooms and gate for every reservation at the park, the latter of which is supposed to be used for only the temporary parking and unloading of vehicles. People are not supposed to park inside the gates, but they do, Lukowsky said.

Sometimes the problem occurs when people show up early to set up for events. As is stated on the contracts everyone must fill out to rent the space, a parks employee will unlock the restrooms and gate at the time specified, not earlier. So, when people show up early expecting everything to be unlocked, sometimes they physically move the parking block next to the gate and then move their cars in.

Then, when other event attendees see people parked inside the gate, they park there, too.

“We don’t want traffic coming in and out because there’s a park there,” Lukowsky said.

There is also a playground nearby, adding to concern about moving vehicles.

In addition, when park employees come by at the specified time to lock everything, oftentimes, the events are not over. The parks employees then have to sit and wait — sometimes up to an hour or more — for all the cars parked beyond the gate to leave.

The proposed solution? Just don’t open the gate and permanently pin down the parking blocks.

The trail leading to the Short Park pavilions is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Lukowsky said, so the only thing that would need reworking is readjusting the parking lot a bit to make it ADA-accessible.

Also at the meeting, Public Works Director Randy Stover suggested that two Spring Clean-Ups were not necessary.

Loyalsock Township held two clean-ups this year, April 26 and May 24, which allowed residents to dump yard clippings on the sides of the road for pick-up.

Stover said that it is difficult for the large trucks to navigate throughout all the streets in Loyalsock twice in four weeks, so he proposed that the township limit the Spring Clean-Ups to a singular Clean-Up.

Stover also said that the two-block stretch of Blair Street from Lymehurst Parkway to Country Club Drive will be “a brand-new road sometime this year.”


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