Muncy Township, fire department talk communication concerns

Muncy Township residents and a supervisor aired concerns about communication between the township and the township fire department during the public comment portion of its municipal meeting earlier this week.

Those concerns surrounded the fire department’s use of an ambulance it purchased two years ago and the department’s receptiveness to the public.

Township Supervisor Tom Schaech said the township had previously been refused the fire department’s meeting minutes. However, Nick Petelier, the fire department president who was elected at the end of last year, said he was not aware of that and that he would send the minutes to the supervisors.

“If anyone has questions for the fire department, we have an open door,” Palmatier said.

In response to concerns about the ambulance, Genie Wines, of the fire department, said it paid off more than half of its loan, and that the department is riding at the very top of the best response rates in the county.

“Until you go to that source, and politely ask them for the truth, it’s going to hurt both sides,” Genie Wines said. “Please check the source.”

“That works both ways,” Schaech said.

While attendees of the meeting verbally shared differing perspectives on communication between the township and fire department, most outwardly agreed the situation was vastly worsened by rumor mongering on social media, and that communication and transparency were needed.

In other news, the Muncy Township Supervisors announced the county commissioners gave the township $25,000 of Act 13 funds to help pay off the loan on the municipal building renovations.

The township also received bids on seal coat and line painting on its roads. The Asphalt patch double would be $302.40 and the asphalt patch single would be $315.90. Meanwhile, the seal coat double would be $2,505.60 and the seal coat single would be $3,3613.80.

“This is not far off, believe it or not, from what we paid last year.”

Muncy Township will next meet July 14 at 7:30 p.m.


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