Loyalsock Township to take second look at Freedom Road erosion

Loyalsock Township’s supervisors will be contacting Wolyneic Construction to ensure compliance with an order given in February regarding a gravel drive leading up to the business’ property off Freedom Road.

Don Plocinski, a Loyalsock Township resident, raised the issue of silt runoff and impending erosion to the supervisors at a meeting earlier this week.

Steven Schenck, the owner and president of Wolyneic Construction, previously told Loyalsock Township supervisors he would pave the road come spring as a result of complaints regarding truck bristles and mud on the road, supervisors said.

“It just hasn’t been done and winter is coming, guys,” Plocinski said, showing the supervisors photos of the road.

During the winter, the business hauls snow from area parking lots such as at UPMC Williamsport and the YMCA.

According to Plocinski, runoff from the drive results in silt building up on Freedom Road’s shoulder. Additionally, the weight of the trucks full of snow is pressing down on two culvert pipes, which Plocinski said were beginning to crack and buckle. He said that water will begin to erode in those cracks until, eventually, the pipe busts.

“There’s a disaster blooming there,” Plocinski said.

Plocinski suggested either paving the driveway up to the shale quarry, or alternatively placing down a tracking pad with a geotextile to catch the silt runoff.

Bill Burdett, township manager, said the supervisors will go over previous conversations with Schenck and have a field-view meeting with him to determine solutions.

“We support businesses,” Burdett said. “It’s to make sure we have a safe road.”


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