South Side recycling center may close if illegal dumping continues

In South Williamsport borough, officials say the residents are in danger of losing their recycling drop-off site at West Front Street due to illegal dumpers.

Assistance is needed with identifying illegal dumpers or those who are doing recycling properly are “risk having the center closed,” said Steven W. Cappelli, borough manager.

Borough workers, he said, are noticing individuals who continue to leave large bags of recyclable items outside of the collection containers rather than emptying them.

While the illegal dumping of non-recyclable materials had abated to a positive degree, with surveillance cameras capturing several incidents and citations issued, the large bags keep showing up outside of the containers, he said.

The penalty for dumping is slowing down the illegal activity but if it doesn’t stop there is a potential it will be pulled, he said.

“Word is clearly getting out that we will charge anyone who illegally dumps at the recycling center,” he said.

Fines can begin at $50 and go up to $300 depending on the circumstance, according to littering law.

Residents need to cooperate and take the time to place all recyclable into the collection containers, Cappelli said.

Drop-off recycling site acceptable recyclables include: glass bottles and jars, steel/tin cans, aluminum cans, newspaper, cardboard, and plastic bottles and containers numbered 1 and 2.

The borough’s website highlighted the risk of closure but it is a threat at this time and not a guarantee if the pattern of abuse is reversed.


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