Lycoming County Commissioners approve $44,849 in Act 13 funds

Lycoming County commissioners approved $44,849 in impact fees, or Act 13 funds, for the Tiadaghton Valley Municipal Authority in order to repair the authority’s wastewater treatment planning collection system.

According to Mya Toon, the county’s chief procurement officer, the situation had become an emergency.

“In order to get these parts and get it up and running operationally again, they need to move out with this purchase and this funding,” Toon said.

Commissioner Rick Mirabito said that it is important for taxpayers to know that when the commissioners okay the funds, “we’re saving local municipalities from having to raise property taxes to deal with the problem, or authorities from having to raise rates on monthly payments.”

“There’s no way they could afford these projects,” he added.

“That’s the beauty of these funds, too,” said Toon. “That’s why we have them and that’s why we look at them. The projects that come before the commissioners…we allocate towards things of this nature that come up as an emergency,” she added.

In other actions, the commissioners approved an amendment to an agreement with DSI-ITI, a phone and messaging provider for the prison. It was noted that the county receives revenues from the contract.

They also awarded a bid for food products to Keyco Distributors and Feesers, Inc. This is a budgeted item.

A sub-recipient agreement which finalizes Union County as the lead agency for the 4-County Broadband Project was approved by the commissioners.

Under personnel, the commissioners approved the following replacements and their pay rates: Jeana A. Longo, full-time first assistant public defender, $95,694; Emily E. Bruce, soil conservation technician, $35,642; Tammy M. Toner, full-time administrative specialist at the prison, $21.52 per hour; Keely J. Hitchens, full-time replacement Clerk III at Veterans Affairs, $16.51 per hour; Kyle D. Caffas, full-time resident supervisor at pre-release at $15.37 per hour. They also approved Gwendelean S. Brion, full-time reclassification paralegal in the District Attorney’s office, at $18.26 per hour.

Present at the meeting were Mirabito and Commissioner Scott Metzger. Commissioner Tony Mussare was absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

There will be no commissioners’ meeting next Tuesday due to municipal elections. The next meeting will be at 10 a.m. Nov. 9 in the Commissioners’ Board Room, Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St.


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