Lycoming County Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians prepare for Nov. 2 election

Leadership of the Lycoming County Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties say they are doing what they can to invigorate voters to head to the polls on Nov. 2 and to submit their mail-in ballots.

“It is an off-year, but we think turn out will be good for the election,” said Cody Hoover, secretary of the county Republican Party.

“When we think of elections, many think of federal and state candidates and issues,” he said. However, local elections are where voters can decide on the candidates who will be in charge of their property taxes, road repairs and more, Hoover said.

“We are touched by local government,” he said. “It is who we can reach out and go to.”

“One of the rights citizens have is to vote and it is important to vote for people who will represent you appropriately,” said Linda Sosniak, chair of the county Democratic Party.

To get ready for the election, the party volunteers have 13,000 slate cards they have dropped off at Democratic-registered and independent households.

“We put them between the door,” Sosniak said.

The cards have the information on candidates in the state judicial race on one side and the photographs and information on the three City Council candidates in the party and the supervisor of Loyalsock Township candidate on the other side, Sosniak said.

“We also are making phone calls known as Chasing the Ballot to those who ordered mail-in ballots and reminding them to get them in,” Sosniak said.

The county Libertarian Party is represented by five candidates in various races.

“These are the first Libertarians to appear on ballots in Lycoming County,” said Tyler Miller, party vice-chair.

“Local elections are essential, especially to Libertarians, because we can affect the most change right outside our doors,” Miller said. “It’s where the people have the most say in their everyday lives and what affects them.”


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