Get in Touch: A means of handling questions and concerns

A street light going out in Williamsport, or a car rumbling over a pot hole, are examples of public works-related issues that city residents have seen or had happen.

As part of Mayor Derek Slaughter’s commitment to transparency, efficiency and accountability in the city administration, residents can ask for resolution to a variety of concerns or questions by heading to the new city website at www.cityofwilliamsport.org.

It is a section called “Get in Touch,” which enables the user to describe what the question, concern or complaint is and to send it into the city administration.

“It is far more efficient,” Slaughter said of the ease of contacting officials via the website and the responses from the departments.

“We automatically get sent an email,” said Adam Winder, city director of transportation and infrastructure.

If a street light is out, which was a complaint addressed by two City Council candidates during a recent League of Women Voters political forum, the proper department is notified — which is streets and parks — and within 48 hours, the street light will be replaced or repaired, Winder said.

City lights belong to the city and are its property to maintain, including the light fixtures and poles, he said.

Winder said the department personnel will not be using overtime hours to search for outtages and encourage those who notice a dark block or light out to use the website system.

Get in Touch identifies the receipt of office contact and then asks the user for their name, phone, email and a description of the question, comment or concern.

“We are getting the emails and are responding,” Winder said.


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