Keller, fellow lawmaker blast Biden spending plan

U.S.Rep. Fred Keller, left, and House Budget Committee Ranking Member U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, right, during Keller’s Facebook Live event Tuesday evening.

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-Kreamer, this week criticized President Joe Biden and Democrats for including far too much unneeded spending in the proposed reconciliation bill.

The lawmaker appeared on his Facebook page Tuesday during a short discussion with U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, R-Missouri, to pick apart aspects of the legislation.

“If we want our children to have it better than us, stop piling up debt,” Keller said.

Given the current pace of government spending, more money will be spent for debt service alone than for the nation’s defense, he said.

“This is a bad bill,” Smith, the top Republican on the House Budget Committee, said.

Keller noted that Biden already killed the Keystone Pipeline and said no to energy development on federal lands.

Smith said the bill is lengthy at 2400 pages and includes provisions to encourage illegal immigration.

“We need to shine the light on what is happening here,” Keller said. “The first step is stopping this thing.”

He criticized the proposed bill for its taxing of small businesses.

“This is a piece of legislation about control over people,” Smith said.

The Biden Administration, Keller said, is intent on spending peoples’ money.

It also includes large spending allocations for climate control, the two noted.

They criticized a provision to beef up tax enforcement by requiring banks to report new data on accounts to the Internal Revenue Service.

“Basically, we are turning banks into IRS informants,” Smith said.

U.S. Sen Joe Machin, D-West Virginia, reportedly said Tuesday that the IRS provision is unlikely to survive in a compromise budget reconciliation package.

Keller said other provisions in the bill hurt the agricultural community.

“It’s not like our farmers aren’t struggling enough,” he said.

Smith noted the spending toward free college for children of high income earners as well and family leave.

The government, he said, already spends far more money than it takes in.

Keller further criticized Biden for touting his Scranton roots.

“He wants to pretend he’s somebody he’s not,” he said.


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