Big Winner: Lock Haven woman wins $1 million from Match 6

CHASE BOTTORF/THE EXPRESS From left, Director of Corporate Sales for PA Lottery Michele Swartz, April Williams and Public Relations Manager for Sheetz Nick Ruffner. Williams was the lucky winner of $1 million from a Match 6 ticket.

LOCK HAVEN — The frigid January air might make many bitter but it did not deter one lucky Pennsylvania Lottery winner yesterday.

April Williams, a single mother of three from Lock Haven, was the fortunate winner of a $1 million Match 6 jackpot. A special ceremony was held by Pennsylvania Lottery officials outside of Sheetz in Mill Hall, off Hogan Boulevard. That same Sheetz was the exact place where she purchased the big winner. There, she was congratulated with a large check for $1,000,019.

After stopping into the store to access the ATM and to grab a soda, Williams noticed the lottery kiosk directly beside it. She decided to play Match 6, threw $10 in, chose a quick pick and the rest is history. The lucky numbers that were drawn from the quick picks that gave her the win were 8-13-27-37-44-47.

“I got lucky enough that one day after work, I stopped in here to use the ATM and grab a soda right before Christmas. I decided I’d grab a Match 6 and here I am today… I actually found out I won on Christmas Eve. It was interesting to be able to tell my kids that our life was about to change and that your mom won’t have to work as much overtime and actually enjoy the days I get off to spend time with them,” Williams said.

When she saw that she had won $1 million, she was awestruck and in complete disbelief, thinking it was only $1,000. The cashier double checked to see if the numbers were right and that she actually won the $1 million jackpot. Sure enough, it was true. The first thing she said she did was tell all of those she holds close the huge news.

“I was so flabbergasted, that I left and called my mom on the phone, went into my house to tell my kids and I called my sister down in Louisiana. It definitely has been a whirlwind, that is for sure,” she said.

In the past, Williams has played the lottery off and on. Whenever she had a couple dollars to spend, she would play. The most she has won, prior to this win, was $20.

Having recently purchased a house within the last four years, Williams said she finally has enough saved up to pay off her mortgage. She also plans to spend more time with her kids without having to worry about working so much to supply for them.

“I have been raising my kids on my own for a long time,” she said. “We just purchased a house four years ago and I finally saved up enough money to get the mortgage and buy the house. I have always worked overtime to take the kids on vacation… It will be nice to not have to work a bunch of overtime when we are ready to go on vacation, just to afford it. It will be nice to be able to pay off my house soon and never have to worry about having money to pay bills. It will be nice to actually enjoy the time I spend with them (her kids).”

The public relations manager for Sheetz, Nick Ruffner, said that Williams is a continuation of many big winners across PA. In 2021 alone, Sheetz, as a chain, has allotted nearly $26 million in winnings, he added.

The Mill Hall Sheetz received a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Despite winning a huge sum of money, Williams said she is not stopping there with the lottery.

“I might have bought Cash 5 tickets before I came to see you all today,” she laughed.

She also assured that the quick pick option works as opposed to picking one’s own numbers.

What is next for Williams is living a comfortable life with her family in the home she bought four years prior, unknowing she would be able to pay it off so quickly and losing the worry of possibly not being able to work anymore.

“I was in a motorcycle accident over 20 years ago, so my biggest worry has been that one day my leg will stop working and I won’t be able to work anymore. I can’t say I am worried about that at the moment. Because now I can pay off the house and put money in the bank, so when that day comes, I will be OK,” she expressed.

She said she also plans to buy a hot tub for her patio in the near future.

“It is the one thing I am going to do to spoil myself,” she said.


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