City OKs fire alliance letter to Governor’s Center

The city Bureau of Fire will write a letter of intent to Governor’s Center for Services on the intergovernmental agreement with Old Lycoming Township Volunteer Fire Co.

City Council approved the request from Fire Chief Sam Aungst to hopefully get a member of the center to facilitate meetings on the 23-year-old agreement signed in 1999.

The discussions may include more funding options and ways to get more interested riders to go with firefighters on calls in the fire engine that the township provides along with the township station in exchange for two paid city firefighters.

The alliance has provided expanded and faster services for the West End residents for more than two decades.

It puts two city firefighters at the township fire station and the township provides the fire engine.

Councilman Jon Mackey, chairman of the public safety committee, said it was hoped this step would bring up any current issues experienced by the alliance members such as insurance, liability and potential grants and funding sources.

Recent firefighter graduates include: Richonne Johnson, Casey Lowmiller, Nathan Katzmaier and Matthew Swartz.

Council approved a resolution to accept a 2021 State Fire Grant in the amount of $15,000 that will go toward the final payment of a 2018 vehicle. That leaves about $1,004 left on the balance

Council approved the resolution authorizing sale of a motor vehicle by the city through Public Surplus.com – a 2007 model.

Council created an ordinance establishing a volunteer position of police chaplain within the Williamsport Bureau of Police.

Upon a question by Councilman Vince Pulizzi on when the chaplain would be available, police Chief Justin Snyder said he hoped that the candidate will be selected by a week or so.

Council approved a resolution for a consulting agreement between the Williamsport Bureau of Police and the PA Chiefs of Police Association for a change in the cost of that member overseeing the promotional testing; it went from $1,500 to $1,800.

Council passed a resolution to approve partnership between the city and STEP AmeriCorps for seven service members in the recreation department for the summer camp activities. Costs have been waived this year and covered by pandemic relief.


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