Auditors need ‘significant amount’ of financial records to complete 2019 audit

An auditing firm working on behalf of Williamsport has been hampered by the city finance office not turning over a significant amount of documentation in order to complete a 2019 audit.

In what was supposed to be an update of that year’s audit for City Council’s finance committee on Tuesday, Kim Stank, representing Zelenkofsky Axelrod, of Harrisburg, told committee members the audit has been a “slow moving process.”

“We have sent out a list of things requested multiple times,” Stank said. “A significant amount of things have not been received from the finance office.”

Those items not sent for the auditing process were outlined on a sheet in yellow highlighter for the committee. The documents were expected to be sent to the committee members via email promptly before the council meeting Thursday night.

“It is holding us up,” Stank said, adding she has spoken to Mayor Derek Slaughter.

Slaughter has informed Stank that an individual will be working in the finance office to “get things moving along.”

Stank said she was familiar with the individual.

“She will be fantastic for you guys,” Stank said.

The committee was not aware of her or whether she would be hired by contract or join the city full-time as an employee.

In December 2021, Zelenkofske Axelrod asked the same committee to recommend a wider scope of services, adding senior accountants to inspect the city finances for audits of 2019 and 2020.

The audits by Zelenskofske Axelrod are focused on general fund and community and economic development.


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