East Lycoming School District still seeking staff

HUGHESVILLE — Admitting the district is facing “employment challenges,” Dr. Mark Stamm, East Lycoming School District superintendent, told the board he had heard from the state Department of Education this week, saying it is “trying to get a handle on just what this looks like across the state.”

“Like many schools, we have holes that we are struggling to fill,” Stamm said.

“We’ve had to make course adjustments at different places. Move kids around. Cancel some courses to kind of move other people into sections that they had certification to teach,” he said.

The district is still seeking to fill a teaching position for physics. Although they do have someone with emergency certification to teach, Stamm said the district really would like to hire someone who has a certificate to teach that subject. The district is also still conducting interviews for a 6th grade teaching position.

In other personnel items, the board approved the following appointments and rates of pay at their meeting this week: Kelsey Swift, secondary biology teacher, $53,650; Rebecca Mallery, elementary teach at Renn Elementary, $62,625; Aubry Robbins, part-time custodian at Ashkar Elementary, $13.61 per hour; Rhonda Minier, pre-k assistant, $12.94 per hour; Katherine Shafer, pre-k assistant, $12.54 per hour; Ashley Gardner, Sarah Snedeker and Ashley Waugh, part-time elementary Title I interventionists, $32.42 per hour; and Kritina Miosi, reappointed as a part-time ESL teacher at $32.42 per hour.

The board also approved several bus and van drivers for the 2022-23 school year.

Athletic appointments for the upcoming seasons are: Tyler Potts, junior high head football coach, $4,424; Cameron St. James, boys varsity head basketball coach $4,082; Dustin King, girls varsity head basketball coach, $4,082; Brian Snyder, girls varsity assistant basketball coach, $4,027; and David Dimoff, volunteer coach.

Business and financial matters addressed by the board include:

• A contract for new automated controls for the HVAC system.

• A planned maintenance agreement with McClure Company for HVAC maintenance.

• An agreement with Skyshooter Displays for Pyrotechnics LLC for a fireworks display at a cost of $3,000, following the Sept. 9 football game.

• An agreement with New Story.

• An agreement with Warrior Run School District for contracted professional services.

The records management plan for Board Policy 800 was approved as were the 2022-23 elementary, high school and E-Spartan handbooks.

Stamm reported to the board that he has almost completed the composition of the steering committee for the Future Ready Comprehensive PLAN.

An agreement for school based outreach and student assistance services between the Joinder and the district for the upcoming school year was approved. Cost to the district is $10,000.

The next meeting of the board will be at 7 p.m., Aug. 23 at the High School Library, 349 Cemetery St.


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