Keller addresses FBI Trump raid, other issues during visit

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-Kreamer, questioned the motive behind the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

“I sincerely hope it’s not politically motivated,” he told a gathering of Republican supporters at a picnic in Loyalsock Township.

Keller also talked about other issues and answered questions during his stop at James Short Park.

He later appeared at the Mill Restaurant in Montoursville.

Keller said the public needs to know the reasons behind the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

With a grin, he said it was doubtful that Trump and his wife packed classified materials to be sent off to Florida when he left office in January 2021.

He said “time will tell” about the reasons behind the raid.

Keller said there are many other matters the federal government needs to deal with, including controlling the Mexican border.

“We have a lot of drugs coming into the country,” he said.

Keller was quick to note that the people responsible for drug trafficking need to be prosecuted.

He said he is against additional taxes on energy and efforts to hire more IRS agents as are being pushed by Democrats.

He questioned why so many members of Congress are intent on investigating peoples’ tax returns.

Keller addressed term limits, noting that George Washington was fine serving two terms as President before leaving office.

He said he is optimistic about closing the great divide that exists in the nation, pointing out there exist exemplary people in America.

“Many people are thoughtful, resourceful, and we care,” he said. “Because we are Americans.”

More people than ever, he noted, are paying attention to politics.

He pointed out that many issues get passed in Congress in a bipartisan manner.

“Nobody hears about those things,” he said.

When asked by one man if Trump will be prosecuted for the Jan. 6 insurrection, Keller said, “What happened Jan. 6 was horrific.”

He said what needs to be done is to prosecute those who broke the law that day.

Keller disagreed that Trump did not lead the protesters on, but that he asked them to leave peacefully that day.

Keller was told by that same person that although he voted for Trump in 2016, he could never vote for him again, calling him a liar and a cheat.

Keller said he was entitled to his opinion.

Darlene Sevin, of Loyalsock, said, “I don’t like Trump, either. He’s a big mouth.”

She later told the Sun-Gazette that she doesn’t want Trump to run again and disagrees with the way he does things.

“Trump is divisive,” she added.

Keller, who is leaving office in January as a result of congressional redistricting, was unclear about his future plans.

“That’s the number one question I get: ‘What are you going to do Fred?'”

He said he still has a job to finish as a House member.

Returning to private industry is a possibility.

“I’ll stay active,” he said.


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